Don't Guess, Get Assessed

Our coaches will help determine which assessment is right for you.

VO2 Max + Aerobic Capacity

Using a Moxy Monitor, we can assess an athlete’s aerobic capacity and VO2 max to create the most specific, individualized program possible. Improvements in VO2max are not only highly correlated with improved endurance, but decreased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Mobility + Flexibility

For those referred to us by medical providers, experiencing pain, and recovering from minor injuries, we often begin with a Functional Range Assessment (FRA®). This assessment measures the range of motion of each joint.

Body Composition

Our Fit3D Body Scanner is the most accurate technology capable of measuring body composition data. Instead of relying on the scale to see total body weight, we can measure lean body mass, circumferences, and fat mass to get a more complete view of the progress being made in the gym. Because exercise increases lean body mass, the scale gives a less accurate depiction of the changes being made inside the body while engaging in a consistent training routine.