Client Spotlight: Laura Baldwin | May 2018

By: Adam Reeder, President Paragon Health & Fitness

Our client of the month for May is one of my favorite Paragon success stories. Laura Baldwin and her son Kyle joined Paragon this past January and have been some of our most consistent clients ever since. Kyle joined with the primary goal of improving his athletic performance as his baseball season approached, while Laura joined with the intent to get healthier, improve her body composition, and quit smoking. Laura has been training with Eric twice per week for the last 4+ months and has been officially smoke-free since February! We’re incredibly proud of the progress she’s already made and we can’t wait to see where she takes her healthy lifestyle going forward.

10 Questions  with Laura

Q: First Job?
A: Charter One Bank

Q: Favorite local restaurant?
A: Fairview Tavern

Q: Favorite City to visit?
A: New York City

Q: Local place you take guest from out of town to show off CLE?
A: Fatheads, The USS COD Submarine Memorial, Whiskey Island, and the Metroparks to name a few!

Q: Scale of 1-10 how good of a driver are you?
A: I’d give myself a 10, other people would rate me a 2!

Q: Favorite CLE professional sport team?
A: The Cavs!

Q: Texting or talking?
A: Texting

Q: Favorite holiday?
A: Christmas

Q: What inspires you?
A: My son Kyle inspires me. I want him to know that it is never too late to achieve your goals, and never give up!

Q: Exercise you hate?
A: Reverse Lunges


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