Massage & Your Health

Jess Brady | LMT

Massage therapy has many benefits including alleviating muscle soreness and reduces swelling. Damage occurs to the muscle while working out and massage helps facilitate a quicker recovery. This allows for less time you are sore. Massage is also effective in increasing range of motion as well as increasing exercise performance overall.

A foam roller is a great tool to help increase range of motion and speed up recovery by reducing pain and tenderness. While stretching is always recommended, a foam roller can address trigger points and focus in on more specific knots. Since these types of issues respond to direct pressure, a foam roller is ideal if you are in between massage appointments. A foam roller can be used daily and is a quick and easy addition to your workout regimen. Check out some simple ways you can add a foam roller into your daily routine.

As a Shape Up Challenge participant, you are eligible to receive $10 off a 60 minute massage session or $15 off a 90 minute massage session. (One time offer. Valid 5/5/18-6/16/18).


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