Client Spotlight: Molly Geib | January 2019

10 Questions with Molly

What was your final “push” to get you in the door at Paragon when you first joined?

I wanted to get healthier and my brother was the one that told me about Paragon and I am a horrible at staying motivated on my own so I thought why not give a trainer a try.

Early on in the process, what was your biggest struggle?

The biggest struggle was changing my diet, I was like ehh I’m working out so I can have this or that...come to find not very true and the main reason I wasn't seeing results.

What is one strategy that you’ve taken that has helped keep you consistent in your workouts?

A partner. Mine happens to be my sister Kerry who has been a constant cheerleader and motivator on my path to a healthy lifestyle. She recently made me switch our workouts to 6am. I was not happy about but I’m come to find its nice to get started early and get your day going is a game changer.

What have you done to change your nutrition since joining?

I worked with Kylene here at Paragon and couldn't believe how much clean eating helps my energy, mind, and body..

Have you reached your initial goal? If so, what new goals have you set moving forward?

I reached my short term goal which was finding a a routine I could stick to and see results and sticking to it.

I am hoping to get to my goal weight by this summer.

Exercise you love?

Squats- Christie has really pushed me on my form and even though she adds a lot of weight to my last set lol its only made me stronger.

Exercise you hate?

This could take awhile… but to pick one Bear Crawls

Your go-to song if you need extra motivation to finish your set/workout?

Run This Town - Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye but I can't resist Hip Hop BBQ radio

Favorite healthy recipe? (feel free to tout your ig here)

The Skinny Egg Roll.

Has your outlook on health changed at all from your experience thus far?

Completely! After working with Christie on strength training and Kylene I came to find that I had real food sensitivities that were dragging me down. I wouldn’t say I am a know it all but the minute someone complains about acid reflux I do not hold my tongue.


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