Why MOVE, rather than RESTORE?

New class schedule, introduction to MOVE

Paragon's newest class, "Move," takes a traditional "Stretching class" and flips it on it's head.   The class is open to complete beginners as well as experienced yoga or stretch class students and is aimed at enhancing one’s current program and day to day activities.  If you’re coming to strength class or personal training several times a week, this class is the perfect complement to your current program. You’ll be utilizing a cutting edge joint health technique known as Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) to help increase usable range of motion, joint strength, and motor control.  You’ll leave with your mind relaxed and your body feeling rejuvenated.

Why MOVE, rather than RESTORE?

In the past, you may have noticed a class titled RESTORE on our schedule.  This was our first attempt at bringing a traditional yoga class to Paragon clients, and while we had great feedback from those who attended, we’ve decided to change direction and go with a different style class, for several reasons:

  • Move class will place a great emphasis on ACTIVE range of motion, while traditional yoga involves many passive practices.  While passive stretching can be extremely beneficial, our current belief system is that our members will benefit more from controlling their joints actively, rather than holding passive stretches for longer periods of time.
  • Move is meant for fitness.  Yoga ideals such as deep breathing, relaxation, etc. are all incredibly important for everyone, and these topics will be included in your MOVE class, however we will be focusing directly on movement patterns which translate into your performance in the gym.  This means we’ll be training your joints in a way to make you feel better and less restricted when squat, do push-ups, etc.
  • Move is meant for Paragon.  Anyone who has spent some time at Paragon knows that we are not a particularly quiet group of individuals.  We love to have fun, play loud music and work extremely hard. Move class will follow along these lines, as you’ll work up a pretty good sweat during every class, and you’ll have fun improving your joint mobility!


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