Paragon Mobility

  • Improved mobility & flexibility
  • Improved movement
  • Improved balance and body control
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Stronger and healthier joints
  • Decreased injury rates


Our joint assessments determine the first steps in your program at Paragon. After discussing your injury history, we assess each joint to discover if you have any movement deficiencies. From this information, we determine the ideal starting point and assign self care strategies to help you take control of your own body! Depending on your goals, these assessments can be used as a starting point for further joint specific training and/or as a prerequisite to private and group classes.

What our clients are saying!

I have been training with Adam for nearly ten years. He has been instrumental in helping me improve and maintain my strength, range of motion and balance allowing me to participate in the sports that I enjoy. Not only does Adam understand the science he knows how to motivate me to push past any self-imposed limitations. He ensures my technique is always correct to avoid injury and maximize results. Over the years, Adam has seen me through several injuries and rehabilitation efforts. His willingness to work with other health professionals along with his guidance, patience and encouragement have contributed to safe and smart recoveries. - Jan Tyler

8 months ago, I started with Paragon upon a recommendation. I have severe arthritis in most of my joints, had a hip replacement 6 months prior and was not very mobile without the use of a cane. I met with Adam and he did an assessment and came up with a plan specifically for me. I have not been in a gym nor exercised for many years. I was skeptical that I could do this. The journey I have been on at Paragon is quite amazing to me. I very seldom have to use my cane. Although I still have arthritis pain, I am stronger and more mobile. I can’t believe the transformation in just 8 months. I can’t begin to do justice when speaking of the knowledge and commitment that Adam and his staff have. They are committed to my physical well being. It is obvious, they are dedicated to their clients. Paragon has a welcoming environment where the atmosphere is more like family. I can truly say that one of the best decisions of my life was contacting Adam. Thank you to Adam, Christie and all the Paragon staff for literally improving my quality of life. - Lorri M