Paragon Mobility

We are excited to announce the launch of a new series of educational events, our Joint by Joint Mobility Series. Each month we'll dive deep into a different joint, examining how it functions and show you how to create a self care plan aimed at optimizing movement capabilities and reducing pain. You live in your body every day, come learn more about it!

Our joint assessments determine the first steps in your program at Paragon. After discussing your injury history, we assess each joint to discover if you have any movement deficiencies. From this information, we determine the ideal starting point and assign self care strategies to help you take control of your own body! Depending on your goals, these assessments can be used as a starting point for further joint specific training and/or as a prerequisite to private and group classes.

I’ve been an active member of gyms and training programs for most of my years, mainly focusing on cardio performance. However, in 2015 all activity slowly stopped as I began to experience chronic neck and back pain. I was in pain each day and night, effecting my personality and ability to function daily, including sleep. I spent time and money with physicians and other specialists to only end up prescribed pain control medications. Upon a referral from a reliable medical professional, I joined Paragon. However, after a couple months my pain was mitigated and I was able to stop the medications. Additionally, I began experiencing improved mobility, increased flexibility, enhanced performance & overall health and well-being. My experience with Christie has been a profoundly improved quality of life.Jenn C


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