The Paragon Performance Program consists of:


Improve joint range of motion and control enhancing athleticism and reducing the risk of injury.

Speed and Agility

Develop quickness in all planes of motion and learn to control deceleration forces.


Develop maximal explosiveness through our jumping and landing program as well as variations of Olympic lifting and medicine ball work.


A balanced approach to long term durability and movement efficiency.


Sport-Specific energy system training to prepare each athlete for his or her sport of choice.


I'm getting close to starting my season...just about a month away. You have done so much to help me get strong again and I know I'm going to have a great season.

You push me really hard, but you make me stronger every time. I know my body is in better shape than ever, but you are giving me a major edge with the confidence that comes with that strength and stamina.

I hope you'll get to see me play. I plan on doing some great things on the court and you should know YOU helped me get there!

Thank you so much!


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the difference you've made for Ruthie. She struggled for a long time with residual pain from her back stress fractures, but I'm confident the path you have her on is going to make this her year on the court!

You took the time to listen to her, listen to me and spent careful time assessing what she needed. You simulate situations she'll face on the court to keep her strong for game situations and your awesome facility is so impressive.

Your approach, which is the perfect mix of professionalism, goal setting and motivation, is perfect for her!