Team Philosophy

What does the word Paragon mean?

“A model of excellence or perfection.”

What sets us apart from other gyms is our cohesive structure as a staff. You can expect the highest quality training every time you walk in the door, as we make sure there is a seamless transition from trainer to trainer.
When we hire new staff members, there are two non-negotiable qualities we're looking for:

  1. The desire to learn and grow as a professional
  2. The desire to be part of a team that works together with the ultimate goal of helping our members reach their fullest potential.

We constantly strive to learn from one another in a way that promotes continual growth for each team member. This keeps our Paragon team on the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry.
Our team works together to approach health from all sides.

  • We aim to help people fulfill their own Paragon of health
  • We use education to help clients improve nutrition, sleep, self care and daily movement
  • We use intelligent programming, responsible movement and articulate coaching to minimize injury and maximize results during every training session
  • We use accountability and empowerment to help our clients reach their goals