the support you deserve

Get stronger with confidence in your technique. 4:1 client to coach ratio so you get the coaching you deserve.

Specific to your needs

Our programs are custom tailored to fit your body’s needs, specific to your personal goals. Worried about a former injury? Have a specific movement or body part you want to target? We've got you covered.

Attention to details

Stop working out and start training. Our long term programming is designed to improve all aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, power and mobility.


Programs centered on strength training so you can say yes to any adventure.


The capacity to make this life a fun one; you'll never fall behind.


Never feel limited by your ability to move; everyone deserves a deep squat.


Schedule your strategy session to set goals, discuss injury and training history, then create a schedule that fits into your life.


Begin your free week with a 1-1 assessment, allowing us to customize your program and set you up for success before joining up to 3 training sessions.  Free of charge, no risk and no obligation.



Because our health is composed of more than just our fitness, we create custom tailored programs, provide expert coaching and a community to support you beyond a good sweat.

You deserve it all: strength, endurance, and mobility. You deserve the strength to say yes to anything, a deep squat and the capacity to make this life a fun one.

Enough with the nagging injuries from random fitness programs, quick fixes that land you back at your starting point, and navigating your health alone.

Join a community that works hard and upholds a higher standard.


Join Paragon, the epitome of fitness.