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You've Ever Experienced

the support you deserve

Get stronger with confidence in your technique. 4:1 client to coach ratio so you get the coaching you deserve.

Specific to your needs

Our programs are custom tailored to fit your body’s needs and specific to your personal goals. Worried about a former injury? Have a specific movement or body part you want to target? We've got you covered.

Attention to details

Stop working out and start training. Our long term programming is designed to improve all aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, power and mobility.


Programs centered on strength training so you can say yes to any adventure.


The capacity to make this life a fun one; you'll never fall behind.


Never feel limited by your ability to move; everyone deserves a deep squat.


Join our waitlist by scheduling your intro session below. Our enrollment opens once a month.


Attend your 30 minute intro session to set goals, learn about our services, and create a schedule that fits into your life.


Sign-up for two weeks of training for $49. Train up to 3 times per week in this time period before committing.


Because our health is composed of more than just our fitness, we create custom tailored programs, provide expert coaching and a community to support you beyond a good sweat.

You deserve it all: strength, endurance, and mobility. You deserve the strength to say yes to anything, a deep squat and the capacity to make this life a fun one.

Enough with the nagging injuries from random fitness programs, quick fixes that land you back at your starting point, and navigating your health alone.

Join a community that works hard and upholds a higher standard.


Join Paragon, the epitome of fitness.

Molly K.
Molly K.
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Before joining Paragon, I found myself not being able to find the motivation to do everyday tasks. I couldn’t keep up with my two year old and his never-ending supply of energy....Kristen listened to where I was struggling and tailored workouts to give me some pretty amazing results in just 3 short months....I leave every workout feeling strong, happy, and confident in my abilities.
Michael Y.
Michael Y.
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I've been going to Paragon for almost 3 years now and the team feels like family. Even after moving farther out of Cleveland's west side, I find myself making the 45 minute trip to Paragon multiple times a week. I depend on Paragon and its trainers to escape from the craziness of work and school - to focus on myself.
Meg R.
Meg R.
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Paragon has, hands down, the best trainers. They work with you to identify, set and achieve your goals, and to reassess when new goals are needed. They take the time to get to know you personally and to create individualized programs that push you in positive ways. Paragon is not just about the workout, it’s about an overall lifestyle, from fitness and nutrition to mobility and overall well being. Paragon’s facility is unparalleled.
Anne S.
Anne S.
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Brad is excellent at modifying workouts to meet us where we are that day, and clear and professional communication has been consistent from the entire staff since day one. Paragon is a really special place in Rocky River. Adam and Brad both go out of their way to introduce members to one another, and that's the kind of action that goes a really long way in making a gym feel more like a community.