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Paragon Health and Fitness in Rocky River, Ohio provides personal training in a small group setting. Our certified coaches help you build the strength to say yes to any challenge, the mobility for a deep squat, and the capacity to make this life a fun one.

Enough with the nagging injuries from random fitness programs, quick fixes, and navigating your health alone. Become a parent that sets a healthy example, a young professional or business owner who maintains balance, an athlete who sets personal bests throughout life, or continue actively pursuing your passions while aging.

Join a gym that cares, works hard, has fun, and upholds a higher standard. Join Paragon, the epitome of fitness.

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With our attention to detail, science-backed programming and self-paced training sessions, we deliver sustainable results.

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OUR Programs

Semi Private Training

Stop working out and start training. Our attentive coaching, expert programming, and self-paced small group personal training sessions deliver sustainable results. 4:1 client to coach ratio.

Personal Training

Personal training is a one-on-one experience for serious athletes and individuals recovering from injuries or physical limitations.


Eat better…forever. Ditch dieting for good and improve your relationship with food in our 12 week program. This group program is not a diet, and includes one-on-one coaching!

success stories

Amber Dowd
Amber Dowd
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"I have gone to many gyms over the years, but the expertise provided by the Paragon trainers sets it apart, and I feel I have found my special "fit"."

“Paragon has helped me become a better, stronger runner and has shown me the numerous benefits of strength training. It truly is a hidden gem in Rocky River!”

Paige Boucher
Paige Boucher
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"Finding Paragon was one of the best things to happen to my health and mind. . . ."

“Their friendliness and dedication to their clients sets them apart and makes the environment so welcoming- I always leave in a better mood than I showed up with! I’ve been training here for almost 6 months and the changes I’ve seen in my strength are insane.”

Matt Wells
Matt Wells
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"Paragon's approach is personal. The staff is exceptionally well-versed in all aspects of fitness."

“They have an eye towards making sure the movement is correct and beneficial. They have been encouraging and have kept me focused on pushing myself while helping me limit my risk for injury.”

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