1 Worthwhile Way to Improve Wellness

There is more to your health than just working out! Your coaches want you to prioritize all aspects of your wellness, not just getting a good sweat in. Focusing on each aspect will bring your wellness to the next level.

Our wellness has various pillars: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, environmental, and intellectual/occupational. If you think of these pillars as the foundation to your health, you can visualize what a strong foundation looks like. This means all areas of your wellness are being accounted for! However, if one pillar is lacking-the whole foundation can crumble.

Here are the top ways I take care of each pillar:

Physical- I make time for my own workouts in my schedule and choose movement that makes me feel good and empowered. I prioritize rest and recovery days to ensure my body is not overworked. I love to make new recipes and enjoy food with those I love to fuel my body.

Emotional- I talk about how I am feeling and put words to my emotions with someone I trust. I make time to decompress to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed daily and I allow myself to feel whatever emotions come my way.

Social- I make time for friends and family to ensure I get to spend quality time with them. Each month I make sure I do things I love (like seeing live music or trying a new restaurant).

Spiritual- I practice affirmations daily to start my day on a grounded note. I practice mindfulness, yoga, and breathing techniques.

Financial- I meal prep weekly to ensure I don’t overspend on takeout. I “treat myself” on special things I love, but I also create a budget sheet to ensure I am being fiscally responsible.

Environmental- I spend free time working on my garden, which allows me to feel more connected with the earth around me. I love to get outside for a run or hike! On top of this, everyday I take care of the space around me at home to make sure I have an environment that is clean, organized, and brings me joy.

Intellectual/Occupational- I read and participate in continuing education to allow myself to continue to grow in my profession and intellectually.

If you aren’t feeling 100% in your health journey, take time to reflect on how you care for each pillar of your wellness. It can be eye opening! Maybe you’ll notice an area you neglect, maybe you’ll notice an area you put a little too much of your energy into.

Practice balance in each pillar and you will see your health improve. Do you have favorite ways to take care of yourself? We’d love to hear it!


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