3 Ways To Improve Your Consistency in the Gym

Are you looking to improve your consistency in your gym routine? If you are, you aren’t alone!

One of the best ways to ensure success is consistency. It is important to not confuse consistency with perfection, as perfection is not needed for progress. Sticking to your routine can be difficult, especially when rest and enjoyment aren’t prioritized. Here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Take rest days! Without recovery, you can’t progress. On social media, you may see people promoting routines that don’t involve any rest days and it’s portrayed as just being very “dedicated”. We promise, recovery cannot occur in the absence of rest days. We usually suggest taking at least 2 complete rest days from the gym/exercise. On rest days, we love to take walks, practice CARs and mobility, stretch, practice gentle yoga, or do nothing! Your workouts will feel even better when you take the time to rest.
  2. Choose movement that you enjoy. Instead of treating exercise as a punishment, create a movement routine that you enjoy and leaves you feeling good. The good news is that different things work for different people, so you don’t have to move in ways that you don’t love. However, there are times where you will need to challenge yourself in the gym and some days that aren’t as exciting (and that’s okay!). Choosing movement you enjoy will help you keep momentum going over time and stay consistent.
  3. Track meaningful data. Often times, we see people online sharing how many calories their workout burned that day. This can leave you feeling like your workout wasn’t successful if you didn’t burn “enough” calories. Instead of tracking calories burned as an indicator of a successful workout, pay attention to improved recovery, hitting strength PRs, and graduating levels! These metrics not only are more beneficial, but leave you feeling more empowered.

If you are struggling with consistency, our coaches at Paragon can help you develop a sustainable plan that leaves you feeling great. Implementing the tips above can help your routine feel better on your body and mind, which will allow you to stay on top of your goals.


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