About Us


At Paragon Health and Fitness, our purpose is to remove any and all barriers which may exist between our clients and their optimal health. We help them move better with joint mobility training, feel better through an individualized exercise program design based on a thorough assessment and injury history, and look better through a balanced approach to nutrition, stress reduction and body composition management.

The principles we apply in both joint mobility and strength training result in total movement optimization to encompass performance enhancement, injury prevention, and reduction in joint pain. With a staff certified through Functional Range Systems, we train each client as an individual. Our use of FRA, FR and FRC training is the foundation of all programming and is used to create a program specifically designed towards your needs and goals.

Our objective approach to fitness includes various assessments to create a roadmap towards your goals: Functional Range Assessment (FRA), Fit3D scans for body composition, and aerobic assessments. Our facility embraces human health as a whole by providing Functional Release (FR) manual therapy as well as partnering with Simplicity Spa and FWD Fuel dietitians. 

Paragon is an appointment-only facility with no general membership. This ensures our members a level of comfort and privacy they will not find a typical gym or recreation center. We feel very strongly that you will find Paragon to be a place where you feel comfortable and motivated every time you step foot in the gym.