Stop working out and start training at Rocky River’s leading gym. Start with two weeks for $49.

OUR Semi Private training PROGRAM

Personal training in a small group setting will allow you to have fun, build lasting community relationships and stay accountable. 4:1 client to coach ratio.

Every program includes strength, endurance, power and mobility customized to your body’s needs and personal goals.

Why it WORKS


Environment is everything; you won't navigate your health alone at Paragon. Join a community with a great vibe that's fun, hard working, and encouraging.

Certified Coaches

Our coaches guide you every step of the way towards your goals by creating greater confidence in your technique and making it easy for you to stay committed. 4:1 client to coach ratio so you get the support you deserve.

Innovative Programming

Stop working out and start training. Our long-term, systematic programming is designed to improve all aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, power and mobility. Programs are customized to your specific needs making it easier to stay consistent.

Results Driven

Between accountability, tracking data, and self-paced training sessions, we help you surpass your goals and deliver sustainable results.

TWO WEEKS for $49

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