At Paragon, we utilize blocked periodization in our programming to give you the best results possible. The various training blocks we use are Strength, Work Capacity, and Hypertrophy. Today, we will dive into Hypertrophy!

What is a hypertrophy block at Paragon like?

Hypertrophy has a more traditional focus on body composition and metabolic health, but there are other benefits. You’ll learn how to:

  • Maintain muscular tension
  • Perfect textbook technique
  • Focus on tempo and pace yourself

While the details depend on your level, we like to increase the volume slowly over time while maintaining constant tension in the targeted tissue. You’ll see A LOT of tempo in these blocks, which usually last 2-3 months long.

Using information like the weights you log in True Coach, monthly check-ins, and in session feedback, we design our programs to build muscle while maintaining a really good sweat. You can expect to get your heart rate up and feel the burn during these sessions.

What are the goals of Hypertrophy?

The main goal: increase the overall size and density of your muscle tissue.  This may sound intimidating at first, but keep in mind that these studies show a clear link between the amount of muscle you have and your length and quality of life, while these studies show a significant improvement in metabolic flexibility in individuals who increase their lean mass.  Bottom line: bigger muscles make you healthier and improve your ability to lose excess body fat if that’s the route you’re going for.

What intensity can be expected?

The RPE will be between 6-8 per set (though this does vary person to person), with a greater focus on specific muscle tension. Learn more about RPE here. The overall session volume per muscle group will be as high as possible. Throughout the block, sets/reps and load will increase week by week.

As mentioned above, this training block will last about 2-3 months. During this block, continue to help your coach by tracking your weights + cleaning your equipment. Any questions? Let us know!


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