Our Favorite Protein Powders

We have talked about the importance of protein and wanted to share our favorite brands of protein powders! While supplementing with a protein powder isn’t necessary, it sure can make hitting your protein goals a lot easier. With hundred of brands and supplements on the market, choosing a protein powder can be overwhelming. Here is our list of favorites. 

Kristen’s Picks

  • Protein2O, found here. Sometimes I am not in the mood to drink a creamy protein shake! This product offers a more refreshing option throughout the day.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen, found here. This collagen protein is dairy free, so it is great for those who may get upset stomachs from protein powder. 
  • Morphogen, found here. This is a local company and they have a ton of fun flavors to choose from. 

Ravi’s Pick

  • Cymbiotika Plant Protein, found here

Christie’s Pick

  • Muscle Feast, found here. Christie loves the chocolate flavor!

Gabby’s Pick

  • NutraBio Vegan Protein, found here. Gabby’s favorite is the Snickerdoodle flavor. 

We hope this list helps narrow down the options of brands you may want to try out. If you have any favorites that you don’t see here, let us know!


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