She had TRUST issues!

This review meant a lot…

To know Hilary is to love her, so reading her review of Paragon Health & Fitness was pretty moving!

“I’ve probably worked out with maybe six personal trainers throughout my adult life. Nowhere compares to Paragon. After almost two years of PT for a 7-year back injury, I needed somewhere to go to continue to get stronger but was also extremely apprehensive after being injured. Frankly, I had a lot of trust issues towards any trainer who could handle my situation. I also hadn’t really worked out since my injury, so I was starting from scratch. My chiropractor recommended Paragon. In less than six months, I went from apprehensively using a 25 lb kettlebell to deadlifting 165 lbs. and bench pressing 85 lbs!!! I still cannot believe the progress I’ve made let alone in such a short time. 

Every trainer is so patient and knowledgeable and respectful of each client’s needs. It really is custom even though it’s in a small group setting. The culture is also amazing; no douchey gym bros, no yelling, no pressure, no shame… all just good vibes…”

THIS is our “why.” 

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