Strength Block

We utilize various training blocks to work towards specific goals.Setting aside competitive athletes who have specific seasons for the sport they play, there are three primary training blocks that Paragon clients utilize throughout the year:  Work Capacity, Hypertrophy, and Strength. Here are some things to note about a strength block:

Goals:   All of that muscle you built in the hypertrophy block might look cool, but it doesn’t do much if you can’t use it, and that comes down to learning to create a ton of force and move heavy things.  If you want to be independent, capable and healthy long term- strength might be the most important aspect of your physical health.

Intensity: RPE 6-9 per set with more sets taken closer to RPE 8-9 than any previous block.

Volume: Kept low to ensure that heavy enough loads are being lifted to maximize strength benefits and allow for complete recovery between sets.

Recovery: Complete rest between sets.  If heart rate is being tracked, it should recover close to your working baseline between sets. This will be longer than your rest periods in work capacity and hypertrophy!

By training these elements individually and consistently, you get stronger, leaner and conditioned much more efficiently than trying to train them all at once.


Beyond Aesthetics Part 2

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