“That could never be me”

Have you ever felt “ that could never be me” when you meet people who are really fit? Or maybe even sorta fit? 

I disagree. It could absolutely be you, and you deserve to live life with strength and energy!

Let me spill 3 secret habits of those really fit folks who seem to never “start over.”

  1. They schedule their workouts into their week like a business meeting. 

 That’s the advice of one of my busiest, yet fittest clients. He has his standing appointments, and he never cancels or reschedules. I believe a contributing factor here is that he prioritizes his health above all else, knowing that it benefits his business and his family to take care of himself first.

  1. They start out committed, but they learn to be flexible. 

It’s great to have a vision or goal, even better to commit to it! But we only reach it by allowing ourselves some grace, adapting to our circumstances, and pushing when we have the space and time. Being flexible is a skill that takes practice, but it starts with commitment.

  1. They chip away bit by bit, not all at once.

The most consistent clients I have understand that they can’t have or do it all. They recognize that not every workout is going to feel incredible, that some will suck, and most of them…they won’t even remember doing a week from now.

Showing up when you don’t feel like it and just committing to the warm up is better than not trying at all. Starting small and chipping away for years is better than going all in and burning out after a few weeks.

It may feel like not enough right now, but one year from now when it’s all added up? That could be life changing!
What do you want your health and fitness to look like one year from now? Let’s talk about it! Schedule a 10 minute call with me here, no cost, no commitment, and I’ll help you find your first step.


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