“The gym is so embarrassing”

“The gym is so embarrassing!” 

That’s something my friend told me recently, and I was like hmmm…I wonder who else feels this way?

Have you ever felt embarrassed at the gym?

Or just by the thought of it? 

It’s scary to show up to an unfamiliar place, where you don’t know anyone. And while you may have watched youtube videos or found a workout routine on an app, you don’t actually feel like you know what you’re doing. The idea of doing it “wrong” feels…well, embarrassing. 🤷 

I think a lot of people run into this problem. We’ve got endless, conflicting information on social media and the internet, mixed with strangers in a room together sweating (Gross!), and no real way to know what’s right or wrong, or what equipment is clean 🥲. That is really stressful!

I know a place that could help you, though! (Hi, it’s me …I co-own this cool gym…)

Schedule a free intro. We start with a quick chat to discuss your goals and our services, then we do a FREE 30 minute one on one personal training session. 

30 minutes of free guidance? I mean, come on… COMMITMENT FREE!

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