Tips to Stick to Your Goals Long-Term

Sticking to habits long-term isn’t always easy. Goals typically start off extremely enticing + motivating, but usually begin to fizzle out after the initial excitement wears off. You may get caught in a cycle of creating an aggressive goal, hitting it hard for a few weeks, stopping efforts towards that goal due to being overwhelmed or bored, and then starting the cycle over again.

If you’re playing the long game when it comes to your health and fitness, we want to avoid the constant “starting over”. If you find yourself having to start over frequently, it may be time to reevaluate how you are approaching your goals and habits.

To be successful at hitting your goals over long periods of time, you have to be strategic in how you approach them. Here are the things we have found that help the most:

  1. Start small! This one may sound a bit cliche, but we promise it is in your best interest to avoid changing everything at once. Starting small allows you to master the habits involved in reaching your goals, rather than just half-heartedly trying them for a few days. This approach also keeps your goals exciting, because you can continuously build on goals and habits as you master them. Lastly, starting small feels much more empowering because you don’t have to constantly fall off track and feel like a failure.
    What does this look like? An example of starting small with your fitness would look like this: You want to be more active to feel more confident in your body and self. In the past, you have never been good at sticking to workouts for more than one month. Rather than deciding to set a goal of working out 7 days a week, you start small. You reflect on your schedule and current obligations, and know that you can realistically consistently hit the gym 2 days a week. This is your initial goal, and in a month you have the option to add a 3rd day!
  2. Create a path with the least resistance. It is up to you to develop systems that make sticking to your goals require as little effort as possible. There are plenty of things that are out of our control (family emergencies, getting sick, losing a loved one), which means it is even more important to focus on what we can control. Creating a path with the least resistance involves putting systems in place that support your goals.
    What does this look like? If you regularly find yourself running late in the morning + skipping breakfast, prepare meals ahead of time to have on hand. If you are likely to skip your morning workout, lay out your entire outfit the night before.
  3. Stay mindful of your goals, while allowing flexibility in the journey. Every day isn’t going to be perfect-but that’s okay! Progress does not require perfection. We like to use a dial, as shown from Precision Nutrition below, to create flexibility in the journey. Having a dial allows us to be fluid and stop hitting pause on our goals. Just because you didn’t get your full workout in doesn’t mean that you have to give up for the day. An extra few flights of stairs and steps can equate to your movement win for the day!
movement routine progressions

The above tips are the ones we feel create the most impact in your routine. What helps you sustain your goals for the long-run?


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