Work Capacity

We’re entering into the sweatiest block- work capacity. Here’s what that means for you!

Goals: Improve the amount of work that your body can tolerate.  This includes improvements to your cardiorespiratory fitness as well as local muscle endurance.  Want to be able to take on any challenge and participate in all of life’s adventures?  You need to be able to tolerate some work.  If you find yourself out of breath during relatively low-intensity tasks or have a hard time recovering between sets at the gym, chances are a work capacity block should be in your near future.  Week by week, we want to see a progressive increase in the total amount of volume (sets, reps and load) that your body can handle.

Intensity: RPE between 4-6 per set.  No single set during a work capacity block should be taken close to failure, but you’ll feel fatigued by the end of each session as you’re continuing to challenge your cardiorespiratory systems.

Volume: Total session volume as high as possible, increasing week by week.

Recovery: Incomplete recovery between sets, allowing the heart rate and muscular tension to decrease, but not reaching a point of baseline.

We’re using timed circuits in which you’ll aim to get as many rounds as possible (AMRAP), or work every minute on the minute. Every minute on the minute (EMOM) means you’ll do the given reps of the assigned movement and rest the remainder of that minute. When the next minute begins, you’ll start again. 

We’ll be working with weights that are a low RPE or percentage of your one rep max, but the session will be hard because of the amount of total work you’ll accomplish. Luckily, our body adapts quite easily to this type of training and a good 4-week block should do the trick!


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